MUD 374 Property Tax Rate Lowered

Harris County Municipal Utility District 374’s Board of Directors voted October 11, 2018 to lower property taxes to 82 cents from the current 85 cents per one hundred dollar taxable value. HC 374 covers Phase 1 and Phase 11 of Cypress Creek Lakes. The reduction will still allow the district to maintain current facilities and operations. The taxable value of each individual property is set by Harris County Appraisal District so the amount of reduction will vary for each home. Each property owner will see this new rate reflected in their tax statement to be sent in December.


MUD 374 Board members

WHCRWA Shutdown

Two weeks ago The City of Houston had to shut down the surface water feed to the West Harris County Regional Water Authority to repair a break on their 54” distribution line. At that time all Utility Districts in the WHCRWA service area started using their ground water wells as the sole source of potable water. As of Monday evening the City had completed their repairs and all testing required putting their line back in service. As of this morning the WHCRWA began distributing surface water to their service area again. Customers may notice a change in the taste and/or smell of their drinking water as Surface and Groundwater have very different mineral and organic compositions.

Important Updates

Smart Workshop

Dear Neighbors,

You are invited to attend a community meeting seeking to reduce water bills by managing home irrigation systems and discussing smart water meters.

Both meetings are held at our Community Center at 10702 Cypress Creek Bend Drive, Cypress, Texas 77433.

Tuesday, April 10 at 6 – 9 pm or Tuesday, April 24 from 7-9 pm

Below is information about water usage in our community. We have found irrigation systems contribute the most to water usage in our community. In addition to irrigation we will be speaking about smart water meters and how they can provide information to home owners and the MUD about leaks and unusually high water-usage.

Our water system was designed to provide 455 gallons of water per household per day. If your bill exceeds $89.00 per month you are using above the design of the system. How much is the average bill?

In the month of November – our lowest usage per month:

  • 875 people pay a bill $140 per month or less
  • 122 people pay a bill more than $215 per month
  • The average (mean) water bill is $117.00 in November

In the month of July – our highest usage per month:

  • 700 people pay a bill $140 per month or less
  • 300 people pay a bill more than $140 per month
  • The average (mean) water bill is $160.00 in July

MUD 374 looks forward to listening to you and discussing how we may reduce water usage in the community.

Sincerely, Board Members
Joe Sykes, President
Mike Owens, Vice President
Jennifer Naedler, Assistant Vice President
Brian Canepa, Secretary
Thomas Mohr, Assistant Secretary