Facility Rental

The community center is available for reservations and will be sanitized between each booking. Please note that each reservation is responsible for cleaning the room and trash must be taken away after the event.

Our lovely Cypress Creek Lakes Community Center is available to rent for residents.  The community center, located at 10702 Cypress Creek Bend, Cypress, Texas 77433 has over 1,000 square feet, with chairs and tables available for your party or event. The lock box where the key is kept is located just outside the to the left of the entrance door of the building. The kitchen has a microwave and refrigerator with a freezer, but no cooktop/stove. To check availability, please select a date below. The building is available from 10:00 AM until midnight.

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Facility Rental Policy

  • All trash must be taken away after the event. We have no one to remove trash -- if we have to remove the trash there will be a charge of $100.00 to the credit card. All trash is to be taken off the premises.
  • Residents must have two persons over the age of 25 present for parties over 25 people.
  • There shall be nothing attached to the inside or outside of the building. (no decorations shall be taped, stapled are attached inside are outside of the building)
  • Space walks and inflatables cannot be attach to the building in any way.
  • Rental Fee $200.00
  • All Rentals will paid on line with a valid credit card.
  • Cypress Creek Community Center reserves the right to use the credit card renting the center to charge up to $150.00 for damages.
  • All chairs and tables must be put back nice and neat in the room.
  • All renters must clean up the room after the rental. If you fail to do so we reserve the right to charge $300.00 to call in a cleaning crew.
  • Cancellation Fee $25.00

Facility Rental Questions

If you have questions about a current or future reservation for the Community Center, please fill out the contact form on our Contact page and select Community Center Reservations from the Contact Type dropdown.