MUD 374 Property Tax Rate Lowered

Harris County Municipal Utility District 374’s Board of Directors voted September 14, 2017 to lower property taxes to 85 cents from the current 92 cents per one hundred dollar taxable value. HC 374 covers Phase 1 and Phase 11 of Cypress Creek Lakes. This is the largest single reduction in the tax rate since the district was formed. The reduction will still allow the district to maintain current facilities and operations. The taxable value of each individual property is set by Harris County Appraisal District so the amount of reduction will vary for each home. Each property owner will see this new rate reflected in their tax statement to be sent in December.


MUD 374 Board members

Sewer Plant Now Operational

The Sewer Plant is now operational. You can flush the toilet and shower but please refrain from taking baths at this time. Go lite on the laundry and doing dishes until the water is gone.

Thank you for your patience.

Sewer System Overloaded – Do Not Flush Toilets (UPDATED)

The sewer system for the district is overloaded at this time. Please do not flush toilets, wash clothes, take a shower, use the sink or put any in the sewer system at this time. We are currently working with the district’s operator and will update the website when it is safe again to use the water.