Important Updates

Property Under Consideration to Purchase From the POA

The map identifies property owned by the Cypress Creek Lakes Property Owners Association (POA) that the MUD 374 has proposed to purchase if the home owners vote to do so. The property if purchased would be used as open park land and possibly to plant trees. The sale covenant includes language allowing the property to be used in a different fashion in the future if the then owner MUD 374 and a majority of the POA members that are residents of sections 1-9 of the Cypress Creek Lakes community vote to approve some different use for the property.

The purpose of the purchase is to provide some funds for POA use. The payment would be made in three equal installments. The purchase price on the map is the appraised value set by the Harris County Appraisal District at the time the possible purchase was approved by the MUD 374 board of directors.


Joe Sykes, President (Term ends: 05/02/2020)
Mike Owens, Vice President (Term ends: 05/12/2018)
Brian Canepa, Secretary (Term ends: 05/02/2020)
Jennifer Naedler, Assistant Vice President (Term ends: 05/12/2018)
Tom Mohr, Assistant Secretary (Term ends: 05/02/2020)